Volume 1, Issue 3
Heroes + Villains
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Kansas City Rock Band - Heroes + Villains
IAE:                Where are you from and who are some of your biggest musical influences?  
 We hail from Kansas City, MO…NO, it's a small city but we have grown to love it  :)  We love
listening to the broad spectrum but our music mainly reflects British influences.  Keane, Coldplay, Elbow, The
Frames, Secret Machines, The Editors, and Muse.  That small list is just a scratch on the surface.  One of our
running jokes is that we will one day write a dance pop record and a country record.  Never be shocked if you
were to walk into our house one day and find us pounding out a few bluegrass tunes or reworking one of our
songs to a dance beat.  It's embarrassing, I know, but we love it.  Did I mention The Beatles?  We love classical
music, Steve Miller Band, and the list goes on.  We also are influenced greatly by scene and setting.  It doesn't
necessarily have to be music.    

IAE:                Take us through your creative process when producing a new song?   
Imagine sitting on a deserted island…all you have is a small piece of wood, a knife, and an
orange.  This is how we feel when we start a new idea…the impossible is presented to us…so we eat the
orange to feed the onset of hunger that was hidden in our desperation to find a way off the island (the waves
can be very intoxicating).  Since there are three of us, one orange will do us no good for survival.  Plots and
schemes to steal the orange are conjured and come to the conclusion there is no hope.  We begin to fiddle
with the local vegetation.  Using the knife to whittle, we build traps and snares that ultimately end up getting in
our way and causing more problems than they’re worth.  We finally realize we are on an island connected to a
bigger island that is only a ten minute walk to a grocery store and dive bar. So we shop, go belly up, discuss,
and start the process all again from an enlightened angle.  Nature is brutal.    

IAE:                What is your most recent album release and what has been the most difficult part
about promoting the album from a D.I.Y. perspective?    
 Our recent album release is "Plans In Motion."  We focused on writing solid songs.  We didn't
want to compromise our own integrity but still write something that everyone could enjoy.  It’s a slippery beam
to balance.  The album title speaks for itself.  Each song, we feel, is different in its own way.  Each song is
searching for its own place to settle on the record.  Each song is a transition to the next, but is an intricate
piece to the greater whole.

The E.P. is a great starting point for our future music, too. We all feel that each of the songs were diverse
enough to provide the listeners with samples of what to expect and what is to come. When it came to self-
promotion, it wasn’t hard to find help from friends and fans. We were confident enough with this recording that
when it came time to ask friends for help, nothing was slowing us down.

IAE:                 How do you book gigs and is there a tour coming soon?
We book gigs on a month by month basis. We love to play locally but it’s nice to have some
fresh air and play out of town. There is always the struggle with venues. Questions like, “What’s your draw
going to be?” or, “Have you ever played in town before?”…You have to prove yourself, especially when you
are self-promoting and booking your own shows. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you show up at a
show that you booked, and there are fans there ready to hear your music. I guess we are party planners or at
least want to act like party planners. We just have to find a venue where they would let us create a “Heroes
and Villains drink list” before the show... “…And tonight, following the performance, the Heroes and Villains
reception will be held in the smoky green room behind the stage. Cocktails and appetizers will be served,
please have your IDs ready.” Ha! We would tear that apart. A nice little spread of fine cheeses and smoked
meats. Some yogurt. Sourdough bread. Bubbles. Anyway, right now we are getting our once soaked feet wet
again. We are planning a college tour following our current CMJ radio campaign beginning late summer/early
fall. We will be heading eastward towards the sea. The east coast has always given welcoming, open arms. So
we will see.

IAE:                 Where can people listen to and buy your music, as well as get more info about you
        iTunes, iTunes, iTunes, Amazon, heroesandvillains.mu. We just redesigned our website, so
please abuse the sh%# out of it. It has everything the “not-so-focused” person could be easily distracted by.
Pictures, music, and hopefully coming soon: mind strategy puzzles. I don’t know. It has a message board. Log-
in and give us some of your ideas. We could share cake recipes if you wanted to. You can find us at cdbaby.
com, digstation.com, myspace.com/heroesandvillains, iTunes, iTunes, iTunes, and if you happen to catch us
walking down the street, we will dish it out right there on the corner, or out of the back of our trailer. You can
always purchase one at our shows. Shows are the best place. The CD case smells like the venue. Smell is one
the biggest memory triggers, you know. There is not a better way to remember music, cocktails and late night
appetizers. Plus we’ll have a drink with you and discuss affairs.

IAE:                 What is your ultimate goal with your music career?
:         One day we want to invent the ultimate artist tool…The brain jack…It’s a cable that plugs right
into the side of your head and streams exactly what you want to hear into the proper format. And that’s it. Said
and done. But we don’t have that luxury, so we spend our time trying to recreate what it would be like to have
instant music from our heads. We have to decode the puzzle our brains give us to give to our ears and yours,
and bring our thoughts, ideas, charm, heartbreaks, wit, and whatever nonsensical feelings we conjure to
whoever might want to hear them and share the experience of our everyday lives. We follow this formula -
write, record, reproduce, tour, regurgitate, repeat.
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