Amy Powell

Location: Pueblo, CO
Genre: Rock / Alternative Country
Key Tracks: Wreck You, Gray Sky, Coyote

Patrick Kratzer is a seasoned country music artist whose rock edge makes him a multi-
genre talent appealing to a wide range of fans. His new album titled “Coyote” is a good
project with 12 songs available.

Patrick opens the album with “Wreck You”, an organic sounding record with not much
to it but good songwriting and live sounding guitar rhythm. On the song, Patrick tells
the tale of his confrontation with a guy who’s trying to hit on the artist’s girlfriend. A real
man protects his lady from douches who can’t seem to respect a woman’s boundaries,
so Kratzer wins some points here. Great song!

I also liked “Gray Sky” because it’s a good acoustic ballad where Patrick showcases his
great vocal ability and songwriting skill. A thought provoking song, Gray Sky brings out
the best in Kratzer as he pours out his heart to the woman he loves. This is a great
song for the guys out there who need a song that can express to their lady how they
really feel. So thanks Patrick, from all the fellas.

Overall, this is a project full of great songs, but on the next project I’d like to hear better
quality sound. From song to song you don’t know if one will be louder than the next
and it kept me from truly enjoying the music. But it still doesn't dismiss the fact that
Patrick Kratzer is a good artist.

The ultimate goal for my music, to be heard.  I love the feeling I get
when I hear a good song with beautiful lyrics, and perfect melodies, and when you can
hear the passion in the voice and music.  I want people to feel that same way when
they hear one of my songs.  To play in front of a packed house full of people who paid
good money to come see me, that would truly be an honor.
” – Patrick Kratzer

Review by: Senseitional

Artist: Patrick Kratzer
Rating:  1 = WORST, 4 = BEST
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