Songwriting - 3.25 || Musicianship - 4.0 || Singing - 3.25
Location: Hampshire, UK
Genre: Alternative Rock
Key Tracks: Greenhouse, Slaves

In Darklight is a really great band! This UK based trio's latest self-titled EP is a real mash-
up alternative rock project with major commercial appeal.

"Greenhouse" is my favorite song on the EP, it has such great production and
musicianship, and the singing and songwriting are right on target. This song brings out
the rocker in you and will light a major fire under anybody who listens to it. The drummer
kicks arse and guitars are incredible. Great song by a great band!

"Slaves" is another really good song by In Darklight that showcases the bands
musicianship and songwriting talent. The song is all about us all being slaves to the lies
our world seems to constantly feed us about how we ought to live and be. The singing is
boss and the drums and guitars are perfectly composed.

Overall, In Darklight are a class act and their music is unlike much of the music we hear
these days on radio. These guys really deserve to be supported by everyone who likes
alternative rock bands that really do ROCK! I love this band and the music they make.
Lets show this band of UK rockers that America truly does like great music.

MUSICAL GOAL: "The ultimate goal with our music is to reach out to people and inspire
them - to earn a living from performing as an alt rock band and to keep pushing forward.  
We always try to out do ourselves with each new release so evolution is also important.  
Maybe one day we'll get to headline Glastonbury!” -
In Darklight

Review by: Senseitional

In Darklight, EP
Artist: In Darklight
Rating:  1 = WORST, 4 = BEST
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