Songwriting - 3.25 || Music - 3.75 || Vocals - 3.5
Location: Orlando, Florida
Genre: Alternative Rock / Metal
Key Tracks: Enemy, Kill The Youth, American Dream

Our Future Leaders have the perfect name, because these guys are the future of their
genre. Another awesome fact about these guys is that their latest project, We Dont
Always Have To Be Machines, just freaking rocks!

Songs like "Enemy", "Kill The Youth" and "American Dream" are clear examples of the
incredible talent within this band.  The music is soaked with guitar thrashing and strong
vocal performances that make for an album full of incredible songs. Each track is
deserving of radio spins and could easily be the fix for any hardcore rock fiend just itching
for an eargasmic experience.

Overall, as a band, Our Future Leaders are the cream of the crop when it comes to
strong rock vocals and power guitar chords. Their music should be supported, and after
watching some of their live performance vids on the band's website, Our Future Leaders
could easily rock the same stages as many of today's top touring rock bands.

MUSICAL GOAL: "The ultimate goal we would like to accomplish with our music is to be
able to quit our mundane day jobs that take up a majority of our time and focus on what
we truly love to do which is write new, interesting songs and perform full time.  We've
worked extremely hard to get to this point where we've performed many times at different
venues across our state, gained a bit of recognition and following, and most recently
released our very first album as a band.  It takes a lot of dedication to make that
commitment and follow through and we're very proud to have gone this far, so we're really
looking forward to our future music careers.
" - Our Future Leaders

Review by: Senseitional

We Don't Always Have To Be Machines
Artist: Our Future Leaders
Rating:  1 = WORST, 4 = BEST
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