Songwriting - 3.5 || Music - 3.0 || Singing - 4.0
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Indie / Alternative Rock
Key Tracks: Fire Eyes, Sweet Dreams In the Rain, Your Mind Is Hard to Find

The PondHawks are literally THE band to watch in 2012, major label deal or no deal. The
band's latest project 'The PondHawks Have Landed' is a classic album and anyone with
an ear for great music will hear that it factor that is missing in the alternative rock genre
these days.

"Sweet Dreams In The Rain" -- WOW!  I love the mystery in the music and vocal
performances. This song has some of the coolest guitar riffs and the keyboards,
percussions and bass add so much color to the music.  The band exudes a
Beatles-esque vibe that I haven't heard many bands today offering. This is a great song
and you should check it out.

Another incredible song on
The PondHawks Have Landed is "Your Mind Is Hard To
Find".  The song is all about trying to understand a complicated person you're in a
relationship with. The vocal harmonies take you on a real ride full of twists and turns and
I'm actually sitting here trying to figure out how they actually harmonized all of those vocal
spirals? This is freaking awesome!

Other notable tunes on this project include: Cliff Note, On The Phone With Thillerie,
Weather Girl, Time Flies, and Fire Eyes.

Overall, The PondHawks Have Landed is an amazing album project that anyone who
appreciates bands like the Beatles will appreciate. I'd recommend you go check these
guys out and show your support of this terrific band.

Review by: Senseitional

The PondHawks Have Landed
Artist: The PondHawks
Rating:  1 = WORST, 4 = BEST
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