Lyrics - 3.5 || Music - 3.5 || Vocals - 3.5
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Genre: Ambient Rock
Key Tracks: (see video above)

Some bands have great music and some should keep a corporate day job; well, there is
no need for corporate employment when it comes to American Swim Lesson (ASL). The
duo's latest release, Transform Me, creates an inner calm that you don't typically find in
many rock albums today. Creatively fusing the ambient and rock music genres without
making something that just sounds like noise is not easy, but ASL has mastered it.

Without losing their rock music identity, ASL offers a Cold Play type of vocal sound while
the music trims the metal thrashing guitar riffs and settles into a more Phil Collins type of
ambient feel that you'll find relaxing. Also like Collins and Cold Play, ASL brings a big
theatrical sound that makes songs like "Transform Me", "Devoted Valentine" and
"Unfitted Clothes" perfect for live stadium performances.

While there were times when I felt that ASL's music was a bit too laid back, I still enjoyed
the fact that they stayed true to their own sound and didn't try to be something they're
not. Overall, Transform Me is a good album that is not a tough sell and I believe Phil
Collins and Cold Play fans might very well gobble this project up.

MUSICAL GOAL: "With music we have the pleasure of presented ideas and experiences
in a way that transcends age and culture. Through sound, music connects to the
complete spectrum of the listener, emotional and spiritually. American Swim Lesson exists
because we are inspired to sing His praise, to have a heart as David did in writing the
Psalms. We look to offer this idea, not as unique to us, or purposefully alternative, only
expressing the uncontainable.

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Artist: American Swim Lesson
Rating:  1 = WORST, 4 = BEST
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APRIL 2012
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